09 Jun 2427 – Engineer Premium Wrapping (Leather/Artificial Leather) (m/f)

Client details

Our customer is a group which operates on a global scale and is one of the absolute market-leading development suppliers of vehicle interior trim systems at Tier 1 level. The company has more than 50,000 employees and production sites as well as research and development centres all over the world.

Engineer Premium Wrapping (Leather/Artificial Leather) (m/f)

Office Location: This will be in the southwest of Germany!

Reason for vacancy: Succession

Superior Level: Domain Manager

Equivalent Level: It will involve constructive collaboration with the other international colleagues of the organisation.
Main objective: The job holder is THE contact partner for their assigned technology area (leather). At the same time, new technologies, processes and feasibilities are of paramount importance. Here, with regard to design and styling.


The Technology domain includes: Leather, artificial Leather (PVC/PU), or other market materials for interior car upholstery. Textiles and fabrics (knitted or woven) with scrim backing and threads. Polyurethane foams and spacer fabrics (layers and pads), glues (Polyurethane reactive hot melt glues and water base) cutting, sewing and covering processes. Leather lamination and sub processes linked with leather (splitting, skiving, embossing…). Knowledge of product feasibility for manual covering.

Main activities

1) Build the technology roadmap through internal and external benchmark, innovation drive and strategic plan fullfilling

Understand product & process market in collaboration with benchmarking, marketing etc., Understand of premium wrapping technologies. (Press covering, membrane covering, manual wrapping with seam location etc.), Evaluate and analyze technology Solutions, Identify Best practices & contribute to identify market needs. (Customer, competitors and toll makers or raw material suppliers.), Be aware of the key patents for the Technology, Identify and analyze key gaps between the technology domain portfolio and the market needs. Contribute to reduce these gaps through the actions plans of the technology Roadmap, Contribute to identify and develop technology breakthrough,  Validate the robustness of the innovations (product & process performance), Contribute to the technology Review.


2) Create and maintain standards including lessons learned and capitalization. Create standards for the technology portfolio and according to technology raodmap in collaboration with other departments. Improve standards based on feedback from plant & project.
3) Promote and deploy the technology portfolio of standards from acquisition to serial life support the organization in the promotion and application of the standards towards the OEMs. Provide the reference of the standards that development teams must apply to ensure products/process robustness. Assess standards compliance during project life & agree on action plan if deviation.


4) Develop the technology competencies within the company, animating networks and technical trainings. Contribute to identify new technical training needs, and accordingly create and update training courses with the referent trainer(s). Train the people through Technology Academy courses. Develop internal and external technology networks through: participation to technical exhibitions & forums, development of the relationships with OEM, supplier counterparts and Company Experts & Specialists.

This already begins with participation in supporting consultation with regard to the technical customer contacts in preparation of product definition. It continues with the necessary agreements with the material suppliers and, of course, the ongoing supporting influence in the production sites. This already begins with participation in supporting consultation with regard to the technical customer contacts in preparation of product definition. It continues with the necessary agreements with the material suppliers and, of course, the ongoing supporting influence in the production sites.



Job requirements


Age: There are no fixed requirements, ultimately experience will be the deciding factor.

Travel readiness: Flexibility for frequent business travel (between 20-30%).

Education: The ideal candidate has a bachelor’s degree. However, the expertise that the applicant will bring with them will be the deciding factor.

Professional experience: Minimum 5 years of experience on cut & sew& covering automotive market on engineering area. 2 or more years experience with tools and machines as well as familiar with technical specification. Network connection in automotive industry (suppliers, tier 1, tier 2, OEM..). Advance know-how on Leather and artificial leather materials used to cover interior parts as door panels, instrument panels and Center consoles with different technologies.

Personal Characteristics: Process-oriented approach in combination with an in-depth, material-specific knowledge. Creativity and interdisciplinary approach, as well as a flair for technical feasibility, particularly with regard to the corresponding machine/material manufacturers. A willingness to make decisions, self-confidence and initiative, presentation skills. Strong leadership and communication skills, Technological curiosity, Scientific approach (Six Sigma, etc.)

Language knowledge: A reliable knowledge of business German and English suitable for negotiations is essential. Additional knowledge of French would be an advantage, but is not a requirement.

IT-Skills: Standard PC software knowledge (MS Office, etc.) and comfortable with digital tools.
Income: The incumbent will receive a suitable remuneration package.

Starting date: As soon as possible. Starting date should be latest in June. Existing periods of notice will be taken into account.


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